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Attacking with the 2-on-1 Series

Attacking with the 2-on-1 Series

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with Carl Fronhofer, Columbia University Head Wrestling Coach; All American wrestler at University of Pittsburgh (2003 NCAA Runner-up); former US National Team member

Learn to use the 2-on-1 to produce better leg attacks.

NCAA finalist Carl Fronhofer used the 2-on-1 throughout his successful collegiate and international career. Now he shares with you the tips and secrets he has gleaned from his wrestling success to help you master this dominating tie.

Coach Fronhofer teaches the keys to the position, showing the most common way to get into the tie-up. You'll learn why the "high hand" is critical, which grip is the best and proper footwork to create down (pulling) pressure to control your opponent. 

He also shows a fundamental drill that will give your wrestlers a good way to feel the position, learn the push/pull technique and how to move their opponent out of position.

Once Fronhofer establishes the proper tie position, he demonstrates a series of shots that can be made from this tie-up. Your wrestlers will see a number of different reactions to a 2-on-1, and Fronhofer gives you options for:

•Single legs shots to the near side - Learn the key to any inside shot - the shoulder slip.
•Far side shots - Learn what to do when the opponent squares up to take away the near leg.
Fronhofer gives you three options covering what to do when the opponent grabs your wrist, grabs your elbow or posts to your head. He includes a fireman's technique from this position.•Pass-by - See three ways to score without attacking the opponent's legs. These techniques are especially effective when the opponent buries his head, sinks his hips back and tries to stall his way out of position and on the edge of the mat.
•Foot block - Discover two ways to attack the nearside and far ankle.
•Out-of-Bounds line - Learn to use the edge of the mat to your advantage. Excellent for freestyle and greco wrestling.
Moving to the defensive side of the 2-on-1, Fronhofer shows you what the tie looks like from a defensive position and how to use the 2-on-1 to re-shoot. 

The 2-on-1 is an effective tool for any wrestler - regardless of size, strength or style of wrestling. Buy this DVD today and see how it can create a lot of offense for your wrestlers, while limiting your opponent's offense. 67 minutes. 2011.

Product Summary: This move is a vital tool for any wrestler. Learn from one of the best in the sport!

Editorial Review: The training is presented in a clear and concise manner, with appropriate instructional and demonstration. Overall Rating: 3.9 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 8 out of 206 for the category Wrestling Instructional Videos.

About Coach Fronhofer: Carl Fronhofer enters his second season as an assistant coach with the Panthers' wrestling team after culminating an outstanding career as a Pitt grappler, earning All-America honors as a senior in 2003 by advancing to the national finals at 174 pounds. Fronhofer is responsible for helping the Panthers' techniques and training methods in the wrestling room as well as recruiting, something that Head Coach Rande Stottlemyer feels Fronhofer has done very well in his first year.

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