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No Fear! Attacking from the Bottom Position

No Fear! Attacking from the Bottom Position

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with Mark Branch, University of Wyoming Head Coach;
former Oklahoma State University Associate Head Coach; 4x NCAA Champions; 
2x National Champ - 4x NCAA Finalist at Oklahoma St.
There's no need to be a defensive wrestler on bottom.

University of Wyoming Coach Mark Branch preaches an attack mind-set from the bottom positions. To do so, Coach Branch and University of Wyoming assistant Travis Shufelt demonstrate over 30 different drills, keys and fundamentals to the bottom position that will have you scoring from the toughest bottom positions in wrestling.

Branch starts out with some simple position drills to keep you out of danger in your base and in good position to set up moves that will lead to escapes, reversals and even back points. He then dives deeply into two of the most dangerous positions, the crab ride and leg riders. Branch demonstrates seven different techniques to escape the crab ride and turn this dangerous position into points for you! 

The instruction goes deep into leg riding with an offensive approach. Branch shows five techniques to solve this dangerous position, including options for when your wrestler is in the most dangerous situation of all, both legs in with hips flattened. Branch shows you how to attack your opponent for even more points and possibly a pin from either a compact or extended position. His leg counter series also includes a hard-to-stop reversal when your opponent puts in a power half from your knees.

You'll also see the powerful Crossover technique that will catch your opponent for a reversal right when he thinks he's about to turn you.

This video is for both athletes and coaches from beginners to the most advanced wrestlers who want to improve scoring from the bottom position. These techniques and drills will help you show your team how to score points from the bottom position as well as maintain good position to prevent your opponent from scoring points on top.

Wrestlers at all levels struggle from the bottom position. With Coach Branch's bottom series in your arsenal, you'll be wrestling with no fear on the bottom and in a position to score every time.

55 minutes. 2011.

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