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Practice Routines Volume II: Drills from the Feet

Practice Routines Volume II: Drills from the Feet

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with Mark Branch, University of Wyoming Head Coach;
former Oklahoma State University Associate Head Coach; 4x NCAA Champions; 
2x National Champ - 4x NCAA Finalist at Oklahoma St.
Train your wrestlers to stay in good position and wrestle at an up tempo pace. 

Mark Branch takes you step-by-step through 20 drills you can incorporate into your practices that will create wrestlers who can move their hands and feet at the same time for more effective set-ups, attacks and defensive strategies. 

•Offensive Control Drills teach wrestlers to move their hands and feet simultaneously, to move their opponent effectively, take good shots and finish shots.
•Defensive Hand Fighting teaches wrestlers to fight off the most common controls and turn them into scoring opportunities.
•Chain Wrestling Drills teach wrestlers how to put the drills together to make them chain wrestlers and develop a system of attack to both sides of the body.

Coach Branch's drills will teach your wrestlers to be aggressive and attack from any position. In addition to technique, these drills give wrestlers and coaches a variety of drills that can be used to condition your wrestlers and develop mental focus. These drills will give your wrestlers a competitive advantage against their opponents and teach them to chain wrestle. 

Incorporate these drills into your practice planning so your wrestlers can dominate from the neutral position. 

70 minutes. 2011.

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