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Mastering the High Crotch Crackdown

Mastering the High Crotch Crackdown

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with Chris Pendleton, University of Wyoming Assistant Coach; 2x NCAA Division1 Champion and 3x All-American at Oklahoma State, 118-12 college record

Are your athletes struggling with setups for their high crotch shots? Are you getting stuck in the crackdown position and struggling to score? Give your wrestlers the best chance possible to score on their shots!

Two-time NCAA National Champion and former Oklahoma State star Chris Pendelton shares his secrets with you, teaching you numerous options to improve your high crotch attack and finish. Pendelton's instruction is designed to help coaches teach the high crotch to all levels of wrestlers and offers troubleshooting technique for secondary positions your wrestlers may find themselves in during the execution of this shot.

The High Crotch, set up to finish
Pendelton's first sequence expertly demonstrates three solid set ups he used for countless takedowns at Oklahoma State: elbow pop, elbow pass, and elbow control. 

After covering the set-ups, Pendelton demonstrates nine finishes from the crackdown position including head hunt, stack, inside and outside leg tabling. Pendelton concludes the session with insight on driving across and the knee slide position. 

Each technical point is shown from at least two different camera angles and also highlights coaching points to stress the nuances of the technique.

Chris Pendleton dominated opponents on his feet using the high crotch. His instruction will give your wrestlers the ability to successfully use the high crotch against the best competition they will face. 48 minutes. 2011.

Product Summary: Learn more about a move that can be the difference between winning and losing!

Editorial Review: This dvd is filmed very well, with multiple camera angles to best demonstrate the material. Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 6 out of 206 for the category Wrestling Instructional Videos.

About Coach Pendleton: As a student-athlete, Pendleton was a two-time NCAA champion and three-time All-America honoree at Oklahoma State who brought instant name recognition to the UW wrestling program when Wyoming head coach Mark Branch announced that he would join the UW staff on July 1, 2010. Pendleton served as a volunteer assistant coach for OSU in 2009-10.

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