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Stand ups, Knee Slides and Critical Bottom Skills and Techniques

Stand ups, Knee Slides and Critical Bottom Skills and Techniques

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with Ian Assael, full time Camp Director for Ken Chertow's Gold Medal Wrestling Camps; former high school coach who developed 14 state champions and two high school All-Americans

Getting off the bottom is essential to being successful in wrestling.

Ian Assael, Camp Director at Ken Chertow Wrestling, gives you the technique you need to score from the bottom against tough opponents. Maintaining shoulder-knee alignment is essential for getting weight off of the bottom man's hands, which is critical for standing up, as well as executing reversals.

Coach Assael starts off detailing the proper position from the bottom, then goes through the mechanics of a proper stand-up step-by-step. He focuses on recovery using the knee-slide technique, which is an essential skill for all wrestlers, as they will not always escape off the whistle. Coach Assael shows a knee-slide to a stand-up with back pressure when the top man pushes forward. Other knee-slide variations include a hip heist when the top man rides your hips, and a high turn when the top man chops.

Coach Assael also details a wide array of bottom wrestling that will help your wrestlers win the battle on the mat. You will learn several key concepts from bottom and watch as Coach Assael continually reinforces them through coaching cues and drills: pressure back, get hips under shoulders, seal off, get your hands off the mat, and be aggressive on bottom. You'll get an in-depth look at: 

•High Turn - Going from bottom to top and scoring 5 by securing a Peterson
•Getting off your stomach and properly building a base
•Defending the chop - executing a quarter turn to a knee-slide
•Protecting and clearing your wrists to prevent tilts and other turns
Coach Assael covers several drills to help your wrestlers master these techniques and continuously maintain a position from which they can score. These drills include a takedown to knee-slide recovery drill, a rear standing lift to knee-slide and stand up drill, and a sit out and turn in drill with a variety of realistic scenarios the bottom man may face.

Coaches and wrestlers who study and implement the drills in this DVD will see improved positioning and results from the bottom position. 55 minutes. 2012.

Product Summary: This wrestling dvd integrates instruction on several key skills for every wrestler. Using these skills will help any wrestler perform better on the mat.

Editorial Review: Coach Assael provides instruction and training starting with positioning and covering turns, defense, mechanics and more. Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 3 out of 206 for the category Wrestling Coaching DVDs.

About Coach Assael: Assael served as a teacher and head coach at the high school level for 10 years. He mentored 12 state champions, posted 10 winning seasons and led his squad to four top-three finishes in the state. Two of his state champions were also named Most Outstanding Wrestler of the state tournament and two others achieved high school All-America status under his guidance.

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