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Claw Ride and Leg Turns

Claw Ride and Leg Turns

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with Coleman Scott, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist; University of North Carolina Assistant Coach; 2008 NCAA Champion and 4x All American at Oklahoma State; 2x USA Junior Freestyle National Champion; 3x-time Pennsylvania HS State Champion

Every wrestler needs to know how to ride and turn their opponent. In this instructional wrestling video, you'll learn a proven technique to give your wrestlers a dominant series from the top position that will allow them to score points in bunches.

2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Coleman Scott teaches you the Claw Ride series that made him a dominant wrestler from the top position. This high pressure position offers wrestlers a safe position to work from, while creating opportunities to score.

Scott explains his basic starting position and how he secures the claw ride. He gives explicit details of how he gets into the claw ride and stresses stopping your opponent's first move. By blocking key points on your opponent you will ensure an easy entry into your claw and leg attacks and maintain a dominant position.

You will see three different tilts from the claw ride with detailed instructions on how to perform them. These tilts are simple to learn and will score easy points at any level.

Moving to another "pressure position," Scott shows how to properly get into the legs. The most common issue with leg riding success is proper pressure applied to your opponent's lower back. Scott shows how to apply tremendous pressure by transferring all your weight through the hips.

Once the legs are in, Scott shows three turns - a Turk and a power half - and an Overbar tilt from a leg ride. If executed correctly, you cannot stop the top man from continually scoring. Scott also shows how to adapt your leg ride for freestyle demonstrating a freestyle gut wrench turn from the legs. It keeps your opponent guessing by giving you a gut wrench attack that is seldom seen in freestyle.

Scott closes the session by demonstrating a drill he uses to practice his claw position and develop the feel for turning his opponents. This drill will make you more effective and comfortable with the claw ride.

Each technique on the video is demonstrated in fine detail with multiple views and angles making it easy for even novice wrestlers and coaches to follow. There is no doubt this video will help make any wrestler a dominating competitor on the mat, and maximize his scoring potential. 42 minutes. 2013.