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Signature Move Series: Kyle Dake's Claw Series

Signature Move Series: Kyle Dake's Claw Series

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  • Learn the six keys to this highly effective series

  • This dvd covers every aspect from beginning to end of the move

  • Get the advantage your need over your opponents with this detailed instruction dvd

with Kyle Dake, 4x National Champion at Cornell University; first wrestler in NCAA history to win four NCAA titles at four different weight classes; 2013 Hodge Trophy winner, 4X NCAA Division I All-American; 2013 Sports Illustrated Male Collegiate Athlete of the Year

This is the video that all coaches and wrestlers have been waiting for! Learn to wrestle and score from the claw position - the same series that took Kyle Dake to four NCAA championships. Kyle Dake demonstrates his favorite series as he takes you step-by-step through the series of tilts and turns that he has used to find success.

You'll see everything from how to start on top of your opponent all the way through several scoring opportunities that the Claw provides. Dake goes step-by-step through several types of common claw rides and how to use them to score and pin your opponent. He teaches wrestlers to not be afraid to go to their back in order to create scoring opportunities.

Dake divides his instruction into six parts:

Drills - Discover six drills that can be incorporated into your daily workouts that teach the basic fundamentals needed to be successful with this claw series. These drills will help you get comfortable when your back is compromised. Exposing your back is sometimes necessary to score, but control is imperative. Learn how to establish and maintain control from a variety of positions, and pick up a few tricks that will help you feel at ease in these positions. In addition, coaches will learn how to make these drills both fun and competitive to maximize results.

Lining Up - Lining up properly from the top position can give wrestlers an advantage before the whistle even blows. They will learn how to "line up heavy" to make their opponent uncomfortable and take their mind off their defense. This will allow you to take charge and initiate your claw series.

The Claw - To successfully turn your opponents with the claw, you have to understand the intricacies of the move. Dake shows you the details of the move, along with the assorted transitions that go along with it. You will see how to apply the basic claw tilt with a thigh pry, deep waist, or wrist and how to make these transitions within the series to become an effective chain wrestler.

The Half Tilt - When your opponent stops your claw, you sometimes have to go to a peripheral move. The half tilt is one of those moves. The half tilt is very similar to the claw tilt and equally effective. You will learn how to transition from the claw to the half and its variations, including a knee switch. This is a simple change in direction that will create numerous turn opportunities when your opponent is fighting the claw.

Getting the Pin - Your team will score big points with the half tilt, but sometimes points aren't enough. Dake shows how to seal the deal and get the pin after securing back points. He teaches a power claw that can be used against opponents that are very strong and hard to turn and the step through turn for when your opponent flattens out.

Other Tilts - In addition to the claw tilt and the half tilt, you will learn to transition into a 2-on-1 tilt and a tight waist tilt and their variations. These transitions will provide you with a solid attack from a variety of angles.

This video is a superb resource for coaches who are teaching wrestlers how to wrestle from the top position. It is practical technique that will give your wrestlers the knowledge and the confidence they need to control, turn and pin their opponents.

It is hard to refute the effectiveness of this series after watching Dake use it to secure his fourth national title. By learning and mastering this claw series, you will undoubtedly improve from the top position and take your technique to the next level. 46 minutes. 2013. DVD.

Product Summary: Integrate the six drills into your workout and see the results with the claw, the half tilt, the tight waist tilt and more. When just scoring is not enough, get the pin!

Editorial Review: This is the ultimate instruction dvd for the claw series. Kyle Dake demonstrates and explains the drills, moves and techniques necessary to successful execute this move. Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 2 out of 206 for the category Wrestling Coaching DVDs.

"[Dake] is an amazing teacher that many coaches can learn from right now, as he is still very close to the action and knows the importance of instilling fun into learning." - Customer Review

About Coach Dake: A six-time letter winner at Lansing HS, Dake was a two-time New York State champion and three-time finalist. He served as his team captain for four seasons, and received the 2009 team sportsmanship award. Dake was also Male Athlete of the Year in 2007. He was a 2008 junior World Team member, and Dake is a three-time NHSCA Wrestling Champion. Dake was also a two-time letter winner in baseball playing second base and catching. He was a sprinter in track where he lettered. Dake was student council vice-president from 2008-09.

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