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Championship Signature Move Series: Zack Esposito's Wrist Ride Series

Championship Signature Move Series: Zack Esposito's Wrist Ride Series

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with Zack Esposito, Oklahoma State University Assistant Coach; 2005 NCAA Champion at Oklahoma State; 3x All-American; 2x High School National Champion at Blair Academy

Zack Esposito's dominating wrist ride series will turn average top wrestlers into dominating pinning machines. This is a very physical ride that is extremely punishing to the bottom man and, if done correctly, will all but guarantee a pin for you.

Coach Esposito explains how he learned this single wrist ride while at Blair Academy (where he won two national prep titles) and how he further developed it while at Oklahoma State to become his favorite riding techniques. He goes step-by-step in everything from how to get on your opponent on top to how to properly hold the wrist to maximize the wrist ride series, and every possible situation a wrestler can get into from the wrist ride series and how you can take advantage of them.

Breakdowns - Coach Esposito begins with the pressure and breakdowns that he uses to get into his wrist ride position. He goes through several types of breakdowns including a spiral and claw in order to get into the wrist ride position. He starts by showing small adjustments in your top referee's position to beat your opponent to the whistle. You will learn the proper position for your inside wrist series and how to best utilize your hands and the rest of your body to prevent him from countering your top work.

Turns - In this series, You will use your whole body as leverage to isolate your opponent's arm, making it easier to slide your arm through and attack you opponent, earning easy back points. Coach Esposito goes through more than 10 different ways to turn your opponent based on their reaction to your wrist ride. This includes a half nelson, an arm bar, Olympic bar, OverBar turns, a snake or Cow Catcher, and even some tilts. What is really helpful about these turns is the fact that they come off reactions and that helps coaches develop chain wrestlers.

Coach Esposito does an excellent job explaining to any wrestler or coach how the wrist ride series can help turn them into pinning machines. He breaks down technique so even the beginning wrestler or coach can understand the wrist ride series.

Becoming dominant from the top position is critical to becoming a champion wrestler. Learn the dominant wrist ride series that has helped many high school and collegiate athletes find success! 52 minutes. 2013.

Product Summary: Learn the development of the single wrist ride, breakdowns used to get into position, how to isolate your opponents arm and how to become dominant from the top position.

Editorial Review: An excellent training tool for wrestlers at all levels, this dvd breaks down the components of the single wrist ride through demonstration and instruction. Overall Rating: 5 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 1 out of 206 for the category Wrestling Coaching DVDs.

About Coach Esposito: In just the first two years of his coaching career, he has helped guide the Cowboys to back-to-back team Big 12 championships and eight individual Big 12 titles. He has also coached 17 All-Americans and helped lead Chris Perry to his first NCAA title in 2013 at 174 pounds and Jordan Oliver to two national championships in 2011 and 2013 at 133 and 149 pounds, respectively.

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