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Training for Power and Explosiveness

Training for Power and Explosiveness

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Gary Calcagno (Oklahoma State Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Coach) gives you an inside look at his program for building powerful explosive wrestlers!

The Oklahoma wrestling team has won four NCAA team National Championships, three NWCA National Duals Championships and four Big 12 Conference Championships since Calcagno took responsibility for  the strength program. In addition, the team has had 12 NCAA individual National Champions and 39 All-Americans. This is an amazing set of accomplishments that would not have been possible without expert strength training.

In this DVD, Coach Calcagno explains, with great detail, the lifts used by the Oklahoma wrestling team to improve speed, power, core strength, and explosiveness. His strength program is based on a series of movements that emphasize increasing a wrestler's power and explosiveness on the mat. This program is designed to provide a balanced approach, working both sides of the body equally while creatng the balance needed to dominate opponents on the mat.

Coach Calcagno shares six different series of movements that are the core of his program. More than 40 exercises are included. The lifts cover:

lifts for the core (including snatches, cleans, and combination lifts)
lifts for chest and arms
lifts for leg strength
plyometric exercises

Student athletes thoroughly demonstrate numerous lifts. and Coach Calcagno provides step-by-step instruction on how each exercise will enhance common wrestling techniques. He also discusses how to adjust the lifts to increase strength while helping wrestlers maintain their weight.

Also included in this wrestling dvd are dynamic movements for warm-ups and increased flexibility. This is an essential tool that gives the exercises and set/rep schemes that Oklahoma uses, when they use them and how they vary based on the weight of athlete so that a coach can integrate it into their team's strength program and move away from the traditional "power lifting" programs that are not nearly as effective. 100 minutes. 2014.

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