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Formula for Success: Winning the Neutral Position

Formula for Success: Winning the Neutral Position

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with Mark Perry, University of Illinois Associate Head Coach; 2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year; 2x NCAA Champion and 4x All-American at the University of Iowa; 2005 NWCA Rookie of the Year; won the Gorrarian Trophy at the 2007 NCAA Championships

Using his extensive knowledge and experience used this wealth of knowledge and experience, Coach Mark Perry has developed a cutting edge approach that he calls the "formula for success." In this wrestling instructional dvd, he shares that formula with you. Blending two proven styles, Coach Perry shows you how to create a well-rounded wrestler able to compete at a high level. He focuses on drills for the neutral position. Drills to reinforce the proper stance and position are explained. In addition, hand placement and head/body position in relation to the mat are covered.

He also discusses how a wrestler should move in his stance, including the role of effective footwork, how to incorporate fakes and how to create angles. In the section on offensive philosophies, Coach Perry shares examples of how offensive attacks in practice (not just in ideal drilling situations) create a chain wrestler who can use multiple options to score. For example, if a wrestler fakes, then goes to one attack that's defended, he can change direction and go to a different attack. Coach Perry covers ways for a wrestler to defend on his feet to avoid giving up easy points against short offense and go-behinds.

To become an elite wrestler, your wrestlers must avoid giving up easy points, and have the ability to able to score from any position on the mat. Teach them how to keep focus when they miss or shot and how to be tough on their feet with the drills in this DVD.

Whether you are trying to get your middle or high school team to the next level or you're an athlete trying to take your wrestling to the next level, the philosophies stressed in this DVD can be your a valuable coaching tool to get there. 76 minutes. 2014.

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