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Riding and Turning: A Guide to Offensive Success

Riding and Turning: A Guide to Offensive Success

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with Tim Flynn, Edinboro University Head Coach; 2014 NWCA Division I Coach of the Year, most wins in Edinboro history; and Cliff Moore, Edinboro University Assistant Coach; 2004 NCAA Champion; 3x All-American at Iowa; Back-to-Back Big Ten Champion

The top position is one of the most difficult in wrestling because it requires wrestlers to maintain control and turn their opponents, which is a challenge for inexperienced athletes. The 2014 NWCA Coach of the Year Tim Flynn and Assistant Coach Cliff Moore have been successful at implementing riding and turning techniques at Edinboro University. In this dynamic presentation, they share their secrets on how to control and turn opponents using effective, practical techniques from the top position.

The first step in becoming effective from the top position is the ability to break your opponent down off the whistle. Coaches Flynn and Moore share five effective breakdowns plus several variations on each. Breakdowns include:

  • Tight-Waist Chop
  • Thigh Pry Chop
  • Tight-Waist Ankle
  • Spiral Ride
  • Far Knee to a tight waist

Using these breakdowns, wrestlers will be able to position themselves properly to optimize control, create pinning combinations and turn their opponents for both back points and pins. Pinning combinations include tilts such as:

  • Cross-Wrist Tilt (from the mat and from the rear standing position)
  • Reverse Side Tilt
  • Roll Through Tilt
  • Backhook
  • Bar-Arm Tilt
  • Leg Turks
  • Near Leg Cradles
  • Bars

The intermediate step between breaking an opponent down and turning them is control. Both coaches demonstrate techniques with solid tips to leverage and control opponents. You'll also learn what to do in various positions such as the tripod and standing position.

The top position is considered the offensive position yet many wrestlers struggle to score from it. If you are a coach or a wrestler, you'll benefit from the tips and techniques in this presentation. Become a more proficient rider, turner and pinner. 123 minutes. 2014.

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