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Dominant Technique and Attacks from the Top Position

Dominant Technique and Attacks from the Top Position

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with Joe LeBlanc, University of Northern Colorado Assistant Coach; 4x All-American at the University of Wyoming; three-time NWCA Academic All-American; most wins (147) in University of Wyoming wrestling

Many young wrestlers pause at key positions hampering their ability to dominate from the top. The top position is where wrestlers can separate the score by attacking and staying one step ahead of their opponent. The goal is to go from a takedown right into turns and from the turns right into a pin. In this video from Championship Productions, Joe LeBlanc teaches effective breakdowns and how to transition directly into tilts, turns and pins.

Chop Breakdown - Coach LeBlanc shares a unique version of the chop breakdown that involves making the offside arm more primary. With a standard chop, too many athletes end up on their hip, losing precious position and time. His focus is to bury the bottom man's hips to the mat instead of driving over his arm and pulling him into your lap. His breakdown works off the whistle from the referee's position, as well as when the opponent attempts a sit-out and a stand-up. This small change in technique can mean the difference in pinning an opponent and barely holding him down.

Tilt Series - After breaking down an opponent to the mat, Coach LeBlanc covers two different tilt series from this modified chop breakdown. You will learn a tight waist chop; an excellent low-risk tilt that can rack up a lot of back points. You will also learn how to combine this strategy with an arm-across-the-back tilt series that can morph into a near-wrist hammerlock - a high percentage pinning combination.

Claw Ride - The claw ride is an extremely popular wrestling technique for both riding and turning an opponent. Coach LeBlanc teaches some unique variations of the claw ride that provide new opportunities to score from this position. You'll see how to transition directly into various tilts from a standing claw ride, a claw spiral, and hips over and across. Many of the tilts can be turned into pins.

These tilts are very basic, but are all devastatingly effective to turn and pin even the toughest opponent.

Coach LeBlanc also shows a unique way of countering a sit-out that eliminates the opponent's chance to escape. His twist puts the wrestler into a common position that results in near-fall points.

Separate yourself from other wrestlers by becoming dominant in the top position! Coach LeBlanc shows you how in this dynamic presentation. 49 minutes. 2014.