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A Hierarchy of Advanced Skills for Youth Basketball

A Hierarchy of Advanced Skills for Youth Basketball

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with Dr. John Tauer, University of St. Thomas Head Men's Basketball Coach; 2012 MIAC Champions (St. Thomas has won or shared the conference title in 13 of the past 14 seasons (through 2012); 2011 NCAA Champions. St. Thomas is the only NCAA team (out of 1,000+) to be in the top 10 in the nation for field goal percentage each of the past five years (2006-10). 

For the past 16 years, Dr. Tauer has directed his own summer basketball camps, working with thousands of young players during that time. This presentation builds on Dr. Tauer's Individual Skills DVD. His advanced skills instruction focuses on teaching young basketball players a sequence of offensive moves that will allow them to be successful at every level.

Dr. Tauer's drills include a focus on the quick decisions players must make when they catch the ball. It covers: proper footwork on jab steps, shots fakes, change-of-direction moves, the  importance of changing speeds, individual defense, how to create separation from defenders, the importance of dribbling and shooting with either hand, how to be more efficient with every move

In addition, Dr. Tauer provides simple ways to implement off the ball movements such as "pass, cut, fill" and "pass and screen away" concepts, along with simple and effective ways of teaching young players how to read the defense.

Unique features of this DVD include: 

A teaching progression through a hierarchy of drills for advanced offensive skills. This hierarchy of drills increases in complexity within and across each skill area to help you tailor drills based on individual and team needs.

A blend of coaching and teaching points that incorporate Dr. Tauer's expertise in sport psychology.

All demonstrations are performed by youth players, allowing you to watch the common mistakes and areas of challenge for young players.

Throughout the video, Tauer points out areas to watch for in coaching young players: to be more efficient with their moves, to create more separation from the defense, to finish effectively around the basket

Tauer also highlights positive ways to provide feedback and encouragement, explains how to make drills more competitive and challenging and shows how to incorporate multiple basic skills into each drill - thus building several skill sets at once. 

This DVD is a great resource for coaches, parents, and young players! 96 minutes. 2010. DVD.

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