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Coaching Middle School Basketball: Systems 4-Pack

Coaching Middle School Basketball: Systems 4-Pack

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with Nick Cammarano, Frank Antonides (NJ) Middle School Boys' Basketball Coach; career winning percentage (.715), eight 20 win seasons, 2 undefeated seasons (including 30-0 in 2003), 1 Run for the Roses Championship, 284 career wins in 15 seasons; Founder and Director of the Quality Basketball Instruction (QBI) Basketball Camps

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Box Offense

As part of his middle school offensive package, Nick Cammarano provides you with another great offense for your program: Box Offense. Coach Cammarono's version of the box offense gives isolations, quality post-up opportunities, pick and rolls, and numerous screens. His strategies create the perfect offensive system for a middle school team with multiple players that can score anywhere on the court.

Each segment of the box offense is designed to build an unstoppable scoring machine. To fully illustrate his strategies, Coach Cammarano uses on-court demonstrations in the 5-on-5 setting and 5-on-0 setting along with whiteboard diagrams.

He breaks down each layer of the box offense into easy drills that can be used in daily practice. By utilizing the point guard and post players, your team will develop the skills needed to be successful at running the box offense. You'll learn different looks within the box offense so your opponents won't know how to guard your best players.

Coach Cammarano demonstrates 10 different sets and wrinkles that can be used to teach the basic box set up. Each set play is designed to create a scoring opportunity. If your post player is your strongest offensive man, multiple options that include screens and isolations will get him the ball. If your guards are your more skilled players, screen and roll situations are set up to let them be more aggressive towards the hoop. Players will love to run the box offense as everyone has a scoring opportunity.

Designed especially for middle school players, the concepts are easily understood and implemented. Every possible game situation is addressed. Coach Cammarano continually stresses getting his best players the ball in good scoring spots. The box offense makes this happens. Begin your season with a solid, teachable offense that will help your team have success when they have the ball.  77 minutes. 2014.

Coaching Middle School Basketball: 3-2 Match-Up Zone

The goal of any defense is to limit opponents from scoring easy, high percentage baskets. As part of his middle school basketball series, Nick Cammarano turns to the defensive end of the floor and demonstrates his stifling 3-2 match-up zone defense. Using whiteboard diagrams to draw out drills, movements and responsibilities of the 3-2 match-up zone, along with on-court demonstrations to illustrate the system, Cammarano covers every situation your defense will face.

If you're looking for a defense that creates confusion and forces opponents to take bad shots out of the corner of the zone then look no further than the 3-2 match-up zone. Coach Cammarano begins by explaining how the zone should move along with coverage areas for each player. Building from the initial set-up, he demonstrates five breakdown drills that can be used to teach different aspects of the zone such as defending screens or a high post flasher.

Teach players how to defend five different offensive set-ups against the 3-2 match-up zone including the traditional 2-1-2 zone. As guards fly around creating illusions of no-driving angles on the floor, post players will learn to bait shooters into bad shots from the corner of the court. Opponents will be forced to take one of the worst shots on the court.

If you're looking for an aggressive defense, Coach Cammarano demonstrates how to use the 3-2 match-up zone as a trapping defense that creates turnovers, throws opponents out of rhythm, and creates havoc on the defensive end. He also demonstrates how to shift the zone to defend baseline out-of-bounds situations, use two different alignments, Diamond and 1, and how to tilt the zone and defend any offensive situation you might come across during the season.

This is a must-have DVD for any level of coach that is looking for a zone defense. After many years of successfully coaching at the middle school level, Coach Cammarano has developed a unbeatable way to win with the 3/2 match-up zone defense that forces your opponents taking bad shots. 70 minutes. 2014.

Coaching Middle School Basketball: Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays

It's essential to score easy baskets when they're presented. In today's game, it's also important to get eight-to-10 points on out-of-bounds situations in order to gain an offensive edge. As part of a four-part DVD series, Nick Cammarano demonstrates eight out-of-bounds plays that will allow your team to take advantage of set situations. These are great sets that can be used against man or zone defense to gain an offensive advantage.

Coach Cammarano begins by introducing a set of drills that support all inbound actions. The first two drills (Follow the Leader and Rapid Fire Shooting) emphasize and imitate the shots needed in the game from inbound plays. Each drill requires numerous reps and forces players to focus on the fundamentals of shooting. In the 2-in-Traffic drill, post players compete to gather in offensive rebounds and put them back. This action is essential in the game of basketball, but even more prevalent with inbound plays. Defenses are usually scrambling; getting good position under the basket is quite easy if the offensive post players are looking for it.

Next in this instructional DVD, are two basic out-of-bounds set-ups that use a "stack" and "box" alignment. By keeping the alignments simple, players need to learn complex sets or numerous set plays, which can cause confusion and a breakdown in play. Coach Cammarano's eight out-of-bounds sets are easy to remember and teach to any middle school player. Your opponents won't know which play you are running next as you use the same actions to create scoring opportunities.

In order to be successful with out-of-bounds plays, a team must move quick, know their reads and, as much as possible, get the ball to the best scorers. With the plays on this DVD, these things can happen. If you're looking for easy sets to teach in your middle school program, then look no further than Coach Cammarano's eight out-of-bounds plays. They're sure to give you quick movements that allow players to effectively score anywhere on the court. 63 minutes. 2014.

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Wheel Offense

The zone defense is a tool that lower-level basketball teams like to use to offset their players' ability and understanding of the game. With great movement and multiple scoring options, the Wheel Offense gives players good shots all over the court. Nick Cammarano has been coaching at the middle school level for the past 15 years and has become an expert at teaching and implementing offense at this level. In this DVD, he shows the ins and outs of the Wheel Offense that he has used for years when facing zone defenses.

Coach Cammarano uses on-court demonstrations and whiteboard diagrams to provide detailed instruction on how to effectively run, install, and teach the Wheel Offense. He starts with the basic set-up and philosophy on why the wheel offense is so successful against zone defenses. As he explains, your post players will get involved and create scoring opportunities for your guards as they look to dribble penetrate gaps in the zone. Coach Cammanaro demonstrates how spacing within the wheel offense is the most important thing you can teach your players.

Coach Cammanaro progressively builds the wheel offense with a variety of breakdown drills. From the give-and-go, cut-to-swing, and shoot-to-penetrate and shoot, your players will learn how to cut, fill, and attack in the wheel offense. You'll learn the ins and outs to the wheel offense as Coach Cammanaro demonstrates how to apply cuts used during drills into game-like situations. He uses 5-on-5 settings to demonstrate where gaps and driving angles will be. Players will pass right around any defense with these instructions.

Any coach knows that you must have counter calls to keep the defense on their toes. Coach Cammanaro gives you three sets that can be run against a zone defense for a quick-scoring opportunity. If the offense starts to get stagnant, then looking to post players for scoring opportunities or overloading the zone are just a few of the options that can be used against any zone defense.

If you're looking for an offense to attack zone defenses, no matter of the age group, the wheel offense delivers an effective system that is simple to learn but with enough options to be unpredictable. 49 minutes. 2014. DVD.

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Box Offense
The perfect offensive system for a middle school basketball team!
Coaching Middle School Basketball: 3-2 Match-Up Zone
A defense that creates confusion and forces opponents to take bad shots!
Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Wheel Offense
The Wheel Offense gives players good shots all over the court!