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Effective Practice Planning for Youth Baseball

Effective Practice Planning for Youth Baseball

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with Ray Lokar ("Coach Lok"),
10+ years coaching youth baseball and softball
Positive Coaching Alliance/Stanford University - Lead Trainer;
Assisted by youth baseball coaches Louie Garcia and Javier Gonzales

Effective Practice Planning for Youth Baseball provides a cumulative framework with which any coach can adapt to his or her team's practice sessions immediately. This DVD will tell you how, specifically, how to put together effective and efficient youth baseball practices. 

Coach Lok breaks his practice into eight parts:

•Early Outs - Get those kids who are early for practice active right away--before practice starts. See ideas for low impact drills that focus on fundamentals.
•Stretch and Catch - Time to get kids organized for practice and get players body and arms ready for practice.
•Warm-Up - Lokar shows five drill ideas to get the kids ready for a "full-speed" practice and build good fundamental habits.
•The Factory -Small group stations to work on individual skills to build their game for the next level.
•Combo Drills -See five examples of team-orientated drills where you can work on multiple situations simultaneously.
•Hitting -Drills that give the players an opportunity to hit off a live pitcher.
•Situations -End of practice time to work on areas that may have come up in previous games or areas of need that may require extra time to get better.
•Base running -Fun ideas to work on conditioning while practicing base running fundamentals.
This is an excellent complement to Lokar's Youth Baseball Fundamental Factory DVD!

As a special bonus - "Coach Lok" has included downloadable PDFs of:

•Practice Structure - The "Coach Lok plan" for every situation and every part of the practice.
•Fundamentals Packet - Pages of tips, drills and skills that will help every player.
•Sample Drills Packet - Contains detailed descriptions of every drill done in the DVD series and many more.
A great DVD for every youth baseball coach!

64 minutes. 2011.


This DVD is part of the set:

Ray Lokar's Practice Planning Set for Baseball