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Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Beginning Players (Ages 5-9)

Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Beginning Players (Ages 5-9)

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with Paul McGloin; Associate Scout for the New York Yankees; Owner/Head Instructor, Electric City Baseball & Softball Academy; has coached over 30 Major League Baseball draft pick

Paul McGloin's goal is to develop the proper swing at an early age so that as the player grows, the swing gets better. To meet this objective, he shares 40 of his best hitting drills, handpicked from a collection of over 200 for their effectiveness with this age group. The mechanics in these drills will produce noticeable results in even the most novice hitters.

Hitting is a process. Coach McGloin shares the system he uses to shape and mold the swings of young hitters. You'll learn how to work through dry hitting, tee work, soft toss, front toss and batting practice in a way that keeps things moving and adds an element of fun to learning how to hit. Each drill has a specific teaching point focusing, for example, on the lower half, hands, hips or mental/situational approach. Young hitters will benefit from implementing these drills into their training regimen.

Coaches at all levels will be able to use these drills to improve their players. This presentation offers great insight into how the swing is taught and the progression that has worked for Coach McGloin. Players can also watch this video and learn new ways to coach themselves so that they can become better players.

This is the ideal starting point - and essential resource - for everyone working with youth players. 64 minutes. 2014.