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Coaching the Intermediate Youth Pitcher

Coaching the Intermediate Youth Pitcher

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with Jenny Allard, Harvard University Head Coach;
6x Ivy League champions; five 30-win seasons; over 450 career wins; has mentored 5 Ivy League Pitchers of the Year; Former Big 10 Player of the Year and All-American as a player at Michigan
Usually, pitching instruction has been targeted at beginners and advanced level pitchers, neglecting a very large segment of pitchers who fall in the in-between. Jenny Allard gives instruction targeted for intermediate pitching students, those pitchers who are beyond the beginner level but are not quite advanced. These pitchers have the basic fundamentals and coordination of the pitching motion, but still need some correction and development on additional pitches.

Usually, with an intermediate level pitcher, their hands will be big enough that they can grip the ball along the "C" of the seams, giving a four-seam rotation to help the ball spin. She introduces six drills she uses to further develop an intermediate pitcher's wrist snap and release. A good wrist snap will create more power and velocity on the ball. These drills build up from isolating the wrist snap and gradually incorporating more arm circle, until the pitcher is throwing with a full arm circle motion.

For each drill, Coach Allard explains and gives instruction, as one of her intermediate level pitchers demonstrates.

Coach Allard then moves on to the legs, aiming to teach her intermediate pitcher better leg drive and follow through. She demonstrates three drills she uses to teach leg drive, including starting the pitcher from a loaded position, walk-throughs, and long toss. Allard also alludes to some of the mental game of pitching, giving some advice for pitchers who need to make corrections in game, explaining that they should say a cue word off the mound, then have a clear mind when they step on the mound and pitch.

Finally, Coach Allard talks about throwing four types of change-ups, explaining the grip and mechanics for each. Not every athlete is successful with the same type of change-up, her instruction will give your pitcher options to see what works best for them. She explains how she develops the pitch, beginning with flip drills, the building up using a snap progression, and finally throwing full distance.

Coach Allard will show you how to develop these intermediate level pitchers and help them step up their game!

44 minutes. 2013. DVD.

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